Arms’ business model centers around loan recovery solutions with a humane approach. Arms relies on three pillars – People, Process and Technology.

Being the human face of Arms, our resolution counsellors are, naturally, our biggest assets. And we’ve put in place an in-depth training programme to prepare them for this role, with our own IIBF (Indian Institute of Banking and Finance)-accredited training centre.

The programme is structured to train our counsellors the Do’s and Don’ts of fair loan recovery, in line with the regulatory guidelines. They are also trained in interpersonal skills, which are vital when it comes to putting borrowers at ease.

Good training can only be showcased while on the job. Senior supervisors closely monitor each case to ensure that the guidelines we prescribe are successfully implemented, and that the highest level of discipline is maintained.

Arms’ strength lies in identifying the root cause of a borrower’s inability to repay, and then tailoring a fair, practical solution to address that inability. 

Our process begins after the defaulted loan has been acquired from the bank or financial institution. The first step is to contact the borrower and determine if he or she is genuinely keen to address the problem. The borrower needs to also disclose his or her financial position in detail. Our counsellors then analyse the situation, and work out a suitable repayment solution. This may include a restructured repayment schedule, a settlement or an alternative arrangement. We may also foreclose the loan by selling collaterals with the borrower’s cooperation. 

In case we conclude that the borrower is defaulting intentionally, legal proceedings are initiated against him or her. 

Our service back-end uses state-of-the-art, customised technology that focuses on restructuring and collections. Our technology takes care of receivables management and also captures the history of borrower interactions. This helps us grade and categorise the borrower’s risk profile, and thus develop a solution. 

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