There are several reasons why it makes sense for lenders to transfer their non-performing loans to Arcil, for resolution by Arms. We believe in fair loan recovery with a humane approach, using Fair Debt Collection Practices. Our resolution counsellors are well-trained in this field, and are equipped to handle both soft and reputation risk issues. We have a countrywide network all over the country, with our own offices and service providers. We can also offer lenders economies of scale, due to our focused business approach and large customer base.

Arms allows banks to concentrate on their core businesses – lending and risk management. We mitigate reputation risk to a large extent with our humane, solution-driven approach. Our neutral recovery platform is generally accepted much better by borrowers. Our processes are geared towards checking leakages in the system and expediting the entire resolution process. Making us the ideal partners in the field of debt resolution and recovery.
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